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Making Payments:

A. Yes. You may call 1-800-297-5618: Press 1 to use the automated system or Press 2 to speak with someone.  We accept debit and prepaid cards or you may pay with your checking account; we’re sorry, but payments CANNOT be made with a credit card.  There is a $4.95 processing fee for this payment method.

A. You can mail a check or money order OR call in and set up automatic recurring payments from your debit card or checking account.  The $4.95 processing fee is waived for setting up recurring payments.

GPS/Starter Interrupt:

A. The starter interrupter system is emitting warning beeps to remind the customer that a payment is due within 1 - 2 days.

A. Yes. The starter interrupter unit has to stay on the car until the loan has been paid off. At the time of payoff, the device will no longer be sent commands, but may remain as a theft recovery aid.  Or, AMAC or your dealer will provide authorization to remove.

A. If you. To enter the emergency code, press the number 9 button six times in a row. Do not press the Pay or Clear buttons. If you have a LoanPlus starter interrupter please call 877-833-6342 ext. 2 for emergency codes.

  1. 1. Sit in the driver seat, and aim the remote at the sensor.
  2. Press Pay. (You should hear a beep)
  3. Enter the code in with the remote. (You should hear a beep each time you enter a number)

After all numbers are entered you should hear a high multi-toned chirp. If a negative sound is made, try the code again. If any problems develop, please call 800-297-5618 for troubleshooting and after hours please call 800-865-3260 ext 2.

Other Loan Questions:

A. No.  You may call in and speak to a customer service representative to request.

A. No.  We only provide financing for cars, trucks & SUVs

A. Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-297-5618, press 2, to get an accurate payoff amount.

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