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AMAC’s BHPH in a Box™ Program

Our BHPH in a Box™ program not only provides funding for contracts, it also has floorplan lines of credit to purchase inventory. BHPH in a Box™ was designed to create positive cash flow and allow buy here pay here dealers to retain control of the sales process. This allows you to keep your customer relationship after the sale to increase repeat and referral business, instead of selling off your portfolio or doing an expensive payment stream. AMAC has a better alternative that allows you to retain the equity in your business. We approve the dealer not your retail customer.

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A. Even a modest-sized BHPH operation can take between $500k  and $5 million dollars of available capital before creating positive cash flow. AMAC’s BHPH in a Box™ program can help by allowing dealers to use our balance sheet instead of your own and create positive cash flow day 1. AMAC's BHPH in a Box ™ program offers receivables financing, floor planning, collections assistance, training and reports package to help grow your business.. Why go to multiple lenders, when you can get everything you need to streamline your successful BHPH operation from one source?

A. Yes, AMAC has a proprietary training manual to help get you started while there is also no minimum size portfolio requirement.

A. One of the great things about working with AMAC is that we can be very flexible based on our dealers needs. For dealers without a dedicated collections staff AMAC would be happy to service the accounts with our experienced customer service team allowing dealers to continue focusing on sales. Dealers who already have the infrastructure in place often choose to continue servicing their own portfolio.

A. Regardless of who is handling the servicing customers have multiple payment options from an online portal to paying in person at the lot.

A. We accept both Simple Interest and Pre-Compute contracts, but we do ask that our dealers use Simple Interest contracts for ongoing business.  

A. No. AMAC accepts contracts from both the point of sale all the way to the end of the loan.

A. Yes, we allow dealers to roll in any existing accounts that are not 30 or more days past due. This is a great alternative to selling your notes in bulk. You will receive a large cash infusion, while still being able to maintain the relationship with your customers. You will also continue to receive a large portion of the payments  as well, something that is rarely or never offered in a typical bulk sale.

A. You have the freedom and flexibility to approve and structure all of your own deals.

A. Your upfront funding as well as the participation percentage of the payments will be ACH’d every week, starting with the very first payment. This is done on a weekly settlement statement giving you a full recap of the all transactions throughout the week.

A. All payment intervals are accepted (Monthly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and weekly).

A. Yes, we offer a floor plan exclusively to dealers participating in our BHPH In a Box™ program.

A. Click here to fill out our contact form, and a Regional Sales Manager will be in touch soon to discuss your dealership’s needs.

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